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Jay Jacobs - Child Monitoring for Court Appointed Supervised Visits.

Jay is a retired Deputy Sheriff with Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Jay has over 17 years of duty specializing in child visitation and protection, divorce, and domestic disputes.

Jay worked for the department from 1987-2004. Since he Retired from the department he has been self employed as a court appointed monitor for supervised visits. He also works as a security guard for high profile events and will work as a bodyguard for high profile clients.

Jay has extensive background in the family court system and how it works. He has worked for Divorce Court in La County as a baliff in the courtroom and has worked as a officer in the field and been on many domestic violence calls.

Jay holds licenses for:

* Firearms
* Guard Registration Card
* Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004

Jay can be reached via email at Jmonitoring@yahoo.com or by phone at 909-615-7912.